Month: April 2013

Piranha composite propeller

The Piranha modular design allows for blades to be replaced due to damage or to be re-pitched for performance. The key to the patented Piranha boat  propeller is the hub. The center hub is made from a high-strength aluminum core, over molded with our specially-formulated composite material. Purchase ONLINE! The Piranha blades are designed to… Read more »

Powertech propellers powerstop technologie

The latest PowerTech! Propeller design, named the PowerStop!, incorporates the world’s first reverse thrust propeller that performs great in both forward and reverse directions. This new design incorporates unique cupping, on both the leading and trailing edges, thereby enhancing control for stopping, reversing and maneuvering. Having the ability to stop quicker and maneuver accurately in… Read more »

Solas propellers

Solas was founded in 1985 by Dr.Solas YJ.Lin. Solas is now one of the best known and trusted names in outboard and stern drive propellers and impellers for most personal watercraft vehicles. There success is largely due to superior design and craftsmanship from team Solas. Ace propellers sell these models: Solas 3 blade aluminum propeller… Read more »

Select the correct propeller

We can help you select the correct propeller the more info we know the more accurate our recommendation Motor type and manufacturer Year and horsepower of motor Length and type of boat Any current prop info will help. Diameter, pitch and type of material WOT (wide open throttle) RPM reading with current prop is the… Read more »

Boat propeller advice

First the best way to improve performance is with the correct prop. You can try all kinds of different props with different types of blades styles and cupping and diameter and weight in the boat and water and wind condition and you will always get a variety of results but the only way to know… Read more »


Thank you, Toni, I appreciate the service I received in the process of finding the right prop for my boat, and I want to thank you and all the Ace Propeller staff. I have shipped the second prop back to PowerTech. Third time was the charm. The extra expense of exchanging props is well worth… Read more »

Ace Propeller exchange policy

Details regarding Ace Propeller’s exchange policy. Outlines replacement and warranty information with regards to propeller and blade purchases through our site.