Month: July 2013

Powertech propeller 3 blade vs 4 blade

…To Four, or Not To Four…That is the Question For many years, now, boaters have debated the question of 4-blade propellers versus 3-blades.  The traditional argument is that 4-blades are slow and 3-blades are fast, end of discussion.  Today, new trends in the marine marketplace, higher fuel prices, challenging economic times, and the like have… Read more »

Powertech propeller president’s advice

Prop Damage, Repair or Replace? So, you looked at your prop and it isn’t looking so great.   Should you repair or just replace it.  Here are a few tips to help you decide. First of all, was your prop doing a good job before it was damaged?  It is critical that your prop can keep… Read more »

Powertech Propeller at the lowest prices

We at Ace propeller are committed to selling the best products and this is why we love Powertech Propellers .These stainless propellers are made in the USA. Powertech propellers have the advantage of having a very large selection of stainless boat propellers for every type of boating. We have decided that from this day we… Read more »

Powertech 4 blade stainless propeller on sale 130HP-900HP

Powertech 4 blade stainless steel propeller with the hub system included Our regular low price $399  These propellers have superior acceleration and mid-range with very aggressive cupping. available in 13.75″,14″,14.25”, 14.5″,15″in diameter from 11 to 30 pitch Available models with available pitch TRO4: 13.75″ DIAMETER, AVAILABLE IN 18″-28″ PITCH, 4 BLADES, RIGHT-HAND ROTATION, HIGH RAKE, SHARP… Read more »