Month: May 2014

The Powertech powerstop is great for big Pontoon and houseboats

WE found this article about Powertech on Have you ever wondered why sterndrive and outboard props never seem to work very well in reverse? The reason is that the props are designed to provide maximum performance when going forward. The result is that some types of boats, such as houseboats, pontoon boats and barges… Read more »


Thank you, Toni, I appreciate the service I received in the process of finding the right prop for my boat, and I want to thank you and all the Ace Propeller staff. I have shipped the second prop back to PowerTech. Third time was the charm. The extra expense of exchanging props is well worth… Read more »

Identifying prop damage.

As gas prices continue to creep up we are getting more and more enquiries from customers on how to improve performance with regards to fuel efficiency.  The picture below shows a slightly damaged blade where the leading edge of the propeller has been damaged by running through some sand or gravel.  The propeller blade edge… Read more »

Great moments of spring!

The long awaited moment when we FINALLY get our boats out of winter storage (for those of us who do not live in southern states).  Then we get busy with spring clean up and spring tune up on our boats to ready them for our first boating excursion!  Don’t forget it is a great time… Read more »