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Boat propeller selection

At Ace propeller we have access to all the different materiel and we will suggest which one is best for you.
If you want Composite propeller … we suggest Piranha propellers made in The USA
If you want aluminum propeller we will suggest Solas propeller or Michigan wheel propellers and Powertech aluminum propeller propellers both made in the USA
We have access to the best Stainless propellers…Powertech propellers made in the USA
Acme propeller made in the USA for Nibral wakeboarding boat propeller
2 blade Propellers, 3 blade Propellers, 4 blade Propellers ,5 blade Propellers

We can make a suggestion

First the best way to improve performance is with the correct prop. You can try all kinds of different props with different types of blades styles and cupping and diameter and weight in the boat and water and wind condition and you will always get a variety of results but the only way to know is by trial and error.

Stock prop depends on what kind of boat the engine is pushing a 90hp pushing a pontoon is not the same propeller as the 90hp pushing a small aluminum bass boat.

The difference between 3 blades over 4 blades is that the 3 blade (smaller blade ratio) usually goes faster and the 4 blade (higher Blade ratio) is better hole shot (acceleration) and fuel economy as well as better handling. If we are talking performance; stainless steel propellers are the best followed by composite propellers and then aluminum. However we never recommend stainless or 4 blades on motors with less then 90HP our testing show it does not improve performance.
We can help you select the correct propeller the more info we know the more accurate our recommendation
Motor type and manufacturer
Year and horsepower of motor
Length and type of boat
Any current prop info will help. Diameter, pitch and type of material
WOT (wide open throttle) RPM reading with current prop is the best way to know how we can improve your performance

If you can answer some or all of the prop info

We will then be able to help you with a more accurate recommendation.