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Powertech Pontoon boat propeller

Stopping Power for Pontoon Boats

By pulling a design ridge back from the leading edge of the blades, designers of PowerTech!’s PowerStop prop were able to achieve the stopping power needed for large pontoon boats without seriously harming the forward performance.

Designing a prop that will drive pontoon boats and other large, high-windage rigs efficiently, and yet still stop them quickly, has long been a challenge for prop makers. PowerTech! appears to have an answer in the PowerStop Series, which is said to stop these bulky craft as much as 87% quicker than conventional props. PowerTech!’s solution is to fair cupping into the underside of the leading blade edges and create an aft tapered cup in the top of the trailing edge. These two cups on opposite sides of the blade grip the water and give better control whether going forward or backward

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