Powertech propellers powerstop technologie

The latest PowerTech! Propeller design, named the PowerStop!, incorporates the world’s first reverse thrust propeller that performs great in both forward and reverse directions. This new design incorporates unique cupping, on both the leading and trailing edges, thereby enhancing control for stopping, reversing and maneuvering. Having the ability to stop quicker and maneuver accurately in reverse make this design inherently safer for family and novice boating activities.

While traditional propellers are designed with forward motion in mind, and previously reverse direction props were designed with rearward motion as the priority, the PowerStop! is designed to work well in BOTH directions. “The rapidly growing pontoon and deck boat market is always faced with ways to reduce the effects of wind, tide and a variety of performance issues. PowerTech Propellers answers those concerns with a brilliantly crafted reverse thrust propeller, providing new levels of control without harming overall performance,” said Judge Brady Kay.