Thank you, Toni,
I appreciate the service I received in the process of finding the right prop for my boat, and I want to thank you and all the Ace Propeller staff. I have shipped the second prop back to PowerTech. Third time was the charm. The extra expense of exchanging props is well worth it to me to be certain that I have the best match for my boat and I am very pleased with the final result.
Your satisfied customer,
Greg Marshall
I just wanted to thank you especially, as well as your courteous and helpful staff.  The prop that you suggested to me for my Merc 135 goes way above and beyond my expectations.  My friends also can’t believe the difference a simple change in prop can make!
Now I no longer have to worry about trimming up and down.  Thanks for your time and suggesting a few pitches and blades.  I’m very happy with your recommendation.
Hello I bought a prop from you recently and just wanted to thank you.  I went from a 3 blade, 19 pitch aluminum prop to a 4 blade, 20 pitch stainless and the performance increase is very noticeable.  Boat runs about 5 mph faster and gets on plane just as well or better than before.  I didn’t think I wanted a four blade but took a chance because your salesman recommended it.  It certainly grips the water better.  Also received it very quickly–thanks.

Hello Ace, I bought the OFX3R23p for my Ranger Z21 with an ETEC 225 HO as you suggested. And it works fantastic! I love it! Great hole shot and a much higher top end speed than my Raker II. I do 72 mph at 5800rpm trimmed out. Thank you so much for all your help. Mike   One of the best companies i have ever dealt with. Wonderful and accomodating in every way! Ray   I picked up a set of four H1418A and a set of four 1418A ‘s for comparison a little while ago.The good news is that the H1418A perform extremely well and I got to compare performance with the 1418s too.I think the hydrobites are better.The bad news is that the H1418A ‘s found some rocks and are done. The 1418A ‘s are fine , used only once and in pristine condition.Can I buy another set of H1418A and swap my existing 1418As for another set of H1418A ‘s?The really good news is that those H1418A gave their life that I could save over $4,000.00 in lower unit rebuild and we were back on the water wakeboarding in 10 minutes. Well done Ace for suggesting Piranha Cheers Graham   Very helpful, thanks so much.                 Tony   Thanks for your help on this.  I’ll be putting in an order in 2 weeks.  Your suggestions/help made a sale for Ace Prop. Have a good one, -Gary  Gentlemen: Thank you for suggesting the proper piranha propellers for my Twin V boat with 140 Suzuki Outboards. Four blades, 18 pitch. These propellers are fabulous. The boat runs solid, and the engines keep a constant rpm. They vastly increased my performance over the stainless steel propellers that came with the boat. I now get 5000 RPM and 30 KTS in calm water, where before all I could get was 3800 RPM and 20 KTS. With the former stainless three blade 21 pitch, I hit a rock and the main shaft to the transmission broke on my starboard engine and the propeller shaft bent. The repair cost me $4000 in that the housing also received damage. The stainless prop was hardly damaged. Two days ago with the new Piranha props I hit another rock with the same starboard engine. These rocks come up from the bottom very quickly. You can be in 18 ft of water and in the next second bang. There was a small bump and then vibration from the engine at 1600 RPM. I came back with both engines running. When I pulled the boat from the water two of the blades on the starboard prop had sheared off , and the tip of the third was damaged. The fourth blade was intact. The hub was not damaged. I want you to know that had I been using a stainless prop like before, it probably would have bent the propeller shaft and maybe even snapped thetransmission shaft. I pulled the prop, and changed blades at home with spares. Took 30 minutes, with no problems. The blades came right out and were easily replaced. Next time I will keep spares on the boat. My Suzuki 140 engines love these props. Thank you for your fast shipping, keeping blades in stock, and the recommendation you originally gave me as to pitch and blade size. Thank you for fast shipping me the spare blades to replace my stock of spares. Best regards, Jon Arcuni